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It is a shaky time to start a company, but some argue that is exactly why you should.  So, you have this great idea.  You've got the funds.  Now, all you need is the customers.  There are many ways to attract attention.  Signage, internet sites and search engines, bracelets, fliers and even door-to-door or word of mouth.  Aiming your advertising attempts at the right group can go a long way in promotion success.  How do you decide which ventures to use your precious marketing budget on?  Weigh all the options and aim for those who will appreciate the effort the most.

One of the easiest and probably most inexpensive options is plain old fliers.  Whether you choose to distribute them in a parking lot (make sure the store is okay with that) or lay them on a counter at a willing business, someone will see your flyer and may actually pick it up.  It is not a guarantee, however.  Just because you print 300 flyers doesn't mean 300 people will see them.  All too often they become scratch paper or just garbage.  The design must be eye-catching and well presented to get your potential customers to take a peek.

Custom Wristband

If you're willing to spend more money, television and radio ads are always an option.  It's rare that your target group won't watch television or listen to the radio at some point during their day or week. Airing your ad during the right time of day and with the right station can make a big difference in the success of your ad.  Also, making sure you have the right spokes person and a message that suitably offers your services can increase the likelihood of a potential client seeking you out.

Another option would be to create t-shirts advertising your business.  Offer a bracelet to schools, stores and groups as a give-away or door prize.  This will get your name out and save you some pavement pounding at the same time.  Depending on how the shirts are created and designed, this option may be pricey.  Shopping around or trading services may save you some money.  The t-shirts could also be used as a type of "gift with purchase" option for your existing customers.  Doing so will increase your advertising (if they wear it) and remind them of the great service you offered. 

Along those fashion lines are custom wristbands.  Many companies online and some local will let you design the color, phrase and image on these wristbands.  They are currently very popular with the "young" generations and have even broken some generational barriers.  Many people wear these wristbands to support their cause, so offering one of your own can only increase your visibility.  Again, these can be used as a give-away, or door prize.  Custom wristbands are inexpensive to make (the more you order, the cheaper they are), and common enough to be recognized by a large public. 

Finally, signage.  There are many options for signage.  Anything from renting a billboard to making a catchy sign for the front of your business or office can catch someone's eye.  Also, putting signs in areas where your target clientele would be found is useful.  Ask local businesses to post a sign in their window or on the community board at the grocery store.  Taking advantage of college campus activities would be a great way to get students' attention.  If college students are in your target group, t-shirts and custom wristbands would be excellent uses for that venue as well. 

Starting your business can be exciting and fun, especially if you have found something to do that you love.  One of the largest hurdles can be establishing a client base.  If you use the right venues for advertising: signs, television ads, custom wristbands or t-shirts and bracelets; you can easily build a customer base to get you going.

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