LiveStrong Silicone Wristbands

In 1997 Lance Armstrong, a world-famous cyclist, started the Lance Armstrong Foundation to support and aid cancer awareness.  In doing so he hoped to raise money for research, support those fighting the disease, and encourage those who do not have to deal with cancer to be aware of what others are suffering.  At the time, Mr. Armstrong was fighting cancer and wasn't even aware that he would survive. 

By May 2004 the Lance Armstrong Foundation had joined forces with Nike and released the LiveStrong wristband.  This yellow, silicone wristband was developed by Nike and was intended to raise money for the foundation.  Also, in wearing the wristband, Nike and the foundation hoped to raise cancer awareness and "encourage people to live life to its fullest" (per Wikipedia).  The LiveStrong wristband's release in May of 2004 brought a goal of raising $25.1 million for cancer research.  This ambition was achieved within six months of the wristband's release.  Sales didn't end there, however.  Wristbands can still be purchased both from Nike and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Many well-known people publicly wore (and currently wear) the LiveStrong wristband in support of Mr. Armstrong's foundation.  Everyone from news anchors to professional and Olympic athletes world-wide sported the wristband launching it to almost-instant popularity.  Although this was very helpful to the foundation, it also caused the LiveStrong wristband to be pirated and sold for more money on sites like eBay.  Mr. Armstrong was angered by this development, but the sales were not stopped.  These bands may outwardly show support but no portion of their sales go to the foundation or its goals. 

LiveStrong Wristbands

LiveStrong wristbands are a yellow, silicone wristband with the words "LiveSTRONG" debossed on the top.  Many companies offer customizable wristbands and will sell a similar product.  However, buying the wristband directly from the foundation is just as easily done.  LiveStrong wristbands are sold individually ($1 a piece) or in packs of 10, 100, or 1200.  In addition, many sizes are available from both companies.  Also, buying an authentic wristband aids cancer research and shows genuine support for the Foundation's goals. 

The wristbands are made in yellow because of the color's significance in the cycling world.  Particularly in the Tour de France, of which Mr. Armstrong is famous for winning.  In the Tour de France, the current leader wears a yellow jersey.  Other races use a similar tactic but not always yellow.  Mr. Armstrong has won several Tours both before and after his cancer treatment and consequent survival.

The LiveStrong wristband started a fashion craze that continues for many foundations and groups.  Not only do many wear the authentic wristband, they have also fashioned their own wristband for support and fundraising for various things.  Lance Armstrong's foundation continues to thrive and is based in Austin, Texas.  Their continued support for cancer encourages many to fight and beat the disease.

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