Rubber Wristbands

Rubber wristbands are available at many stores and from many different companies.  Often, they are used to support a cause, raise money or even just advertise for big companies.  Their availability is not limited to those with big pocketbooks, however.  Wristbands are available to customize and create for any individual or small organization as well.

These wristbands are most commonly made of 100 percent silicone, rather than rubber.  This makes them much more durable and generally eliminates any latex.  It also keeps the flexibility of rubber and the overall look of the wristband.  By using a technique called molding, manufacturers further enhance the durability by eliminating seams. 

Rubber wristbands can be ordered plain (no specific design), in specific colors or be customized to fit many needs.  They can be ordered in a single wristband purchase or in orders as large as over a thousand.  Usually, more wristbands in the order will directly reduce the cost per wristband.  In addition, multiple sizes are available and often more than one size can be in a single order. 

Customization begins with the option to put a unique phrase on the wristband.  Usually the number of characters is limited, but the phrases can be personalized within those limits.  Additionally, clip art can be added with some companies offering an option to upload an image of the buyer's creation.  Some companies offer a phrase to be added to the "front" and the "back" of the wristband.  Doing so makes the wording go all the way around the wrist.  Also, there are frequently various fonts available and some wording techniques can be color-filled to increase visibility.  Companies vary in the method they use to put the wording on the wristband and some offer more than one option.  Debossing is when the phrase is molded into the rubber and the image is "sunken" in.  Laser engraving gives a similar look.  On the other hand, embossing raises the image off the rubber like a credit card.  Lastly, screen printing prints the image directly onto the bracelet.  Occasionally screen printing can be scratched off, however, so this is not a common option.  

Rubber Bracelets

Rubber wristbands can come in many different colors; serving many needs of the consumer.  Basics like red, blue, white, and yellow are available from virtually each company.  On top of those colors, colors such as:  navy, forest green, gold and silver are also offered.  This is perfect for sport teams and schools that want to use wristbands to enhance spirit or sell for fund raising.  Also, it makes a great marketing tool for companies wanting to increase advertising.  Custom Wristbands can be made in a single color, two-toned, striped or marbleized.  In addition, causes and groups can choose a color to represent their stand or use a color that stands for something specific.  Often a company will cater to local schools and teams, ensuring that those team colors are available. 

Some manufacturers offer more than just rubber wristbands.  It isn't uncommon for finger rings, key chains, or even USB jump drives made from the same material and with similar customizations available.  Using such alternatives can increase advertising options and widen a customer base even further. 

Rubber wristbands are a great way to reach out to the public.  They are inexpensive and popular to wear.  Big companies such as Nike and Reebok make use of the wristbands and it is easy for small, local companies to do the same.  Causes, religious events and fund raising can also make use of such a great, versatile product.  Even an individual, who wants to participate in the trend, can make a wristband that is uniquely their own.

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