Sporty Fashion

Sports are addicting.  They draw you in with all the excitement and glamour.  Hold you in with all the suspense and triumph.  Then, tease your wallet with merchandise and tickets to go watch live.  That's not all, either.  If you are a player, then it is even more exciting.  The adrenaline and the joy of wining; plus, the advertising of it all.  Schools and teams do it alike.  T-shirts, shorts, sweats, wristbands, and flags are just the beginning. 

Sports fans have many products available to them.  If it's professional sports, anything you can think of will be available at one store or another.  Anything from wastebaskets to outdoor flags is for sale nearly everywhere you look.  But what can you find for smaller teams?  Many schools and city leagues have found smaller – and yet still effective – ways of supporting and promoting their teams. 

There's always the good old t-shirt.  They're probably one of the cheapest and most customizable ways to flaunt your team.  You can choose your colors, design the graphic and even personalize for the player.  Often, this is what city teams use as their jerseys.  School teams use them for school spirit and team building.  The other perk of t-shirts is that they can be offered to the fans as well.  There's nothing like building support while making the fan feel included and part of the team. 

Other products that can be made available to players and fans alike are available as well.  Custom baller bands are the ever-popular, easily personalized wristband that anyone can wear.  These wristbands are usually made of 100% silicone and debossed with a team name or motto.  They can be made in any color, various sizes, and in large or small quantities.  Debossing is also customizable.  Many companies offer various fonts, numbers and even clipart.  It's also common for companies to cater to local teams.  They offer genuine team colors and logos to make each band that much more enticing to the supporter.  Rubber wristbands are great for any team or sports fan.  They're trendy and supportive at the same time.  Even those who just want to champion a general sport could be satisfied with a product like this.

Another option to sports teams are lanyards.  Often, companies who make custom baller bands offer similar products in lanyards, silicone rings and even jump drives.  Lanyards are great for students who need to keep track of their keys and don't have pockets.  This is a common situation for those sporty and non sporty-types alike.  They can usually be customized in a similar fashion; fonts, clipart and color.  Even sports moms can find a use for such lanyards.  They are great for promoting teams and schools equally. 

Teams are exciting and worth cheering for, both vocally and in merchandise.  If you are a part of team and need fundraisers, any of these ideas could get the ball rolling.  If you love your team and want to support them, any of these items can show your support and encourage their success.  T-shirts and custom baller bands are just the beginning.  Clothing of all styles and sizes can be facilitated along with different kinds of jewelry and gadgets.

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