Rubber Band Bracelets

There are several ways to tweak one's own fashion.  Some wear exotic colors.  Some let their pants droop to their knees.  Some just change up their jewelry.  Custom rubber band bracelets are one great way to spruce up any jewelry choice.  Color, design, phrase and clipart are just the beginning for options to make each wristband unique. 

These days, rubber band bracelets are made with 100 % silicone.  This is ideal because it eliminates the latex that many are allergic to.  In addition, silicone is durable and long-lasting.  It is stronger than rubber and much safer for children to wear.  Plus, there are several ways to customize a silicone rubber wristbands.  Debossing, embossing and laser-engraving are all ways that any phrase and most images can be displayed on the bracelet.  Debossing and engraving carve the image into the silicone; embossing makes the image stand out.  Each company that offers custom rubber band bracelets will have their own technique.  Shopping around will make your preferences readily available.

The phrase itself often makes each rubber band bracelet unique.  There are several that are common among wearers.  Often, people wear the LiveStrong bracelet sold as a fundraiser by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Any expression that will fit into the specified character limits will work to make a custom rubber band bracelet unique.  Anything from a single word to an entire phrase can be used.  Some companies offer wording on "both sides" of the bracelet creating a phrase all around the wrist.  Also, companies offer various fonts that can be chosen to suit the creator or theme of the rubber band bracelet.  Not only can letters be used, but often numbers and clipart are available as well.

The phrase on a rubber band bracelet isn't the only way to make a wristband unique.  Most companies have several color options, including solid, multi-colored, and marbleized.  Many companies cater to the local economy as well.  School colors and sports team colors are frequently available.  As well as colors that have a significant meaning to the area.  For example, black for prisoners of war, yellow for a safe return, etc.  It is perfect for clubs or sports teams who want to raise money.  People can purchase a rubber band bracelet and give monetary and outward support of their team or cause at the same time.

Rubber band bracelets are easily customized and simply ordered.  Generally, companies offer several sizes of their wristbands and more often than not multiple sizes can be ordered at a time.  Orders can be as little as one bracelet up to a thousand or more.  Usually, the more rubber band bracelets that are ordered directly decrease the cost of each wristband.  Some manufacturers offer more than rubber band bracelets.  Finger rings, jump drives, and key chains made in a similar fashion are available.

Custom wristbands are a great way to spread the word about a new company or support a sports team or school.  Plus, just to be unique, one could design his/her own bracelet and be the only person to have one.  Talk about one-of-a-kind.  Rubber band bracelets are fun to design, easy to order and usually can be received fairly quickly.  Shopping around will find the right company for each need and the right price for each buyer.  Rubber band bracelets are hot right now, may as well join the craze!

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