Rubber Bracelets

Popular, inexpensive and customizable, custom wristbands are ideal for any event or gift.  They can be used for party favors, marketing tools, or even just a personal touch to an outfit.  Rubber bracelets are easy to order online and many companies cater to local markets while being accessible from far away.

Usually, rubber bracelets are actually made from silicone.  This is an improvement because so many wearers have allergies to materials in rubber.  Bracelets made from 100 percent silicone rarely even contain any latex.  They are still flexible and slightly elastic, which makes them perfect for bracelets and other various items.  Some companies offer finger rings, key chains and occasionally jump drives made of the same material.  In addition, bracelets are offered in multiple sizes thus making them accessible to a wider public. 

Bracelets can be ordered plain, without any personalization, and in bulk.  Additionally, there are many personalization options available at little or no extra charge.  It is easy to order large quantities of rubber bracelets and most companies also offer single bracelet ordering.  Usually, the more bracelets that are ordered directly decrease the cost per bracelet.

One of the most basic ways to customize a bracelet is to choose a color.  Manufacturers often offer basic colors such as red, white, green, and blue.  It doesn't stop there, however.  Colors like maroon, silver, navy and gold are also available.  On top of various color choices, more than one color can be used on a single bracelet.  Two-toned, striped and marbleized are common options offered.  Having so many color options is great for sport teams, schools, and companies wishing to advertise using rubber bracelets.  Color palates do vary by the manufacturer, however.  Each company will have a different list of colors.

After choosing a color for the rubber bracelets, a phrase can be added.  This can be a phrase the company offers, or one that is unique to the buyer.  Although the space on the bracelet is relatively limited, some companies offer phrasing on the "front" and "back" of the bracelet.  This makes the wording go all around the wrist.  Usually manufacturers offer assorted fonts to make the phrase more exclusive to the customer. 

There are several ways the phrase can be put on the bracelet.  Debossing is the most common and molds the phrase into the rubber or "sinks" the words in.  It is possible to get the phrase color-filled with this technique, making it stand out more.  Another similar option is laser-engraved wording.  Oppositely, a phrase can be embossed on the bracelet.  This causes the letter to stand out from the rubber, and color-filling is still an option.  Lastly, the images may be screen printed on the rubber.  This is not a common option, but some manufacturers do offer it. 

Next, after a phrase has been chosen, most companies offer a selection of images or clip art that can be added.  Occasionally this costs a little more, but some manufacturers allow their buyers to upload an image of their own creation.  This is perfect for an individual who wants to wear the fashion, but make it their own. 

Rubber wristbands are easily accessible and a very popular option in fashion.  It is appealing how much they can be made for the personality of one and yet still be made for the masses.  Useful options are endless and the low cost is great.  Family reunions, fund raising, causes and school spirit are just a few ways to make use of such a product.  Not to mention all the advertising opportunities they create for small and large companies or even communities.

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Jacqueline -- New Jersey