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Promotional Event Encourages Good Neighborly Behavior

It appears like we have gotten to the point where we need gatherings to promote good neighbor tactics. Apparently the community of Wyberton needed a little help. As part of the promotions to the event, and help the kids remember the importance of good behavior, rubber wristbands were given out:
“An event was held in Parthian Avenue where PCSOs and Boston Borough Council officers asked adults, young people and children to sign up to the Neighbourhood Pledge. NICE stands for Neighbours by Name, Integration for all, Courtesy and consideration for others and Enjoyable environment.

The initiative aims to bring people from differing cultures, backgrounds and ages together, encouraging people to live side by side peacefully and take pride in the neighbourhood by keeping it clean and tidy.

All residents signing up to the agreement received a self-cling vinyl window notice and younger residents were given a silicone wristband” (
What is next, a city council meeting to promote dinner etiquette?

Emergency Wristbands Might Save Lives

You might think all of our technology efforts are going into handheld electronic devices. However, even the silicone rubber wristbands industry is advancing its technologies and ideas. A new bracelet is offering a way to let first responders know the medical situation of an injured person. Here’s what I found on the topic:
“Each Xtreme Sports ID wristband carries a medical symbol, toll-free telephone number and a unique ID number. A purchaser registers on the web site and creates their ID record. In an emergency, first responders dial the 800# and follow the prompts to access vital information such as name, address, emergency contacts, medical provider, medical conditions, allergies, medications, etc. This patent pending technology is unique to Xtreme Sports ID. The innovative “where am I” feature also allows a person to record their plans and sends an e-mail to three personal contacts each time it is updated” (
Sounds like it could be a great idea! We’ll see if it pans out in the long run.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Livestrong Bands

Lance Armstrong, perhaps single-handedly, made the silicone one of the most popular world-wide trends in giving support to important causes. It all started with a cancer awareness campaign in 2004. His Livestrong wristbands continue make huge strides in cancer awareness:
“Lance Armstrong’s cancer awareness campaign was a huge success and till date his cancer research foundation has raised about $28 million by selling ‘LIVESTRONG’ rubber cancer awareness bracelets. Lance Armstrong, a seven time Tour de France winner, is himself a cancer survivor. His rubber bracelets have done a great job in raising the cancer awareness.

Breast cancer awareness rubber bracelets come next to Armstrong’s cancer bracelets in generating awareness and funds. However, unlike ‘LIVESTRONG’ bands which come only in yellow color, breast cancer awareness bracelets come in different colors, the most popular being the pink color. These inexpensive bracelets are a good way to raise money for charitable cause” (
It is hard to believe such a simple item has been able to raise so much awareness and money.

Paralyzed Man Given Support

A man in Santa Clarita Valley, CA was recently paralyzed after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Those who want to show support and get involved in his recovery process can follow a website his family set up. They can also wear a custom wristband .
“The Web site is a way for friends and family – or people who have never even met Mather – to stay involved and show support.

“In a situation like this, you obviously still have to go to work, but you want to be there all the time and see what’s happening all the time,” Montoya said. “You don’t want to call the family all the time because you know they’re busy, so the Web site just answered that for people.”

The site,, provides a way for anyone to join Kevin’s Recovery Team and get involved through prayer, meals, visits, donations or fixing up the couple’s condo.

Donors get a “Kevin’s Recovery Team” wristband. The blog describes the intention of the wristband:
“Upon arriving at the hospital, we were issued a green disposable wristband. A few people decided to keep their wristbands on as a reminder to pray for Kevin in the days and weeks to come. We have decided to design green silicone wristbands with the phrase ‘Kevin’s Recovery Team’ embossed on them,” the blog reads” (
I really like the “Kevin’s Recovery Team” approach. What a great way to show support!

Wristbands a Good Vaccination Reminder?

Of all the uses for silicone wristband , I haven’t seen this come up yet. In Australia, the Vanuatu program is giving a trial run to the idea of giving silicone wristbands to women who get their cervical cancer vaccinations. The idea is twofold: the women get a reward for coming and they have a reminder on their wrist to come back and get the follow-up shot. Here’s part of the story:
“An Australian-run programme to help vaccinate Vanuatu women for cervical cancer is trialling the use of coloured wristbands as a reminder for those being vaccinated to come back for follow-up shots.
The Vanuatu Vaccine Program is being driven by the University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute for Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine.
Headed by 2006 Australian of the Year, Professor Ian Frazer, the programme is trialling in Vanuatu after learning that young women often don’t return to get second and third cervical cancer vaccine shots” (
I could probably think of a couple dozen reasons how a wristband could help us remember something! What a fantastic idea.

Why a Rubber Wristband? Part II

Yesterday I reported on some common reasons why people use rubber wristbands to help support charitable causes. As a follow-up to that report, I wanted today to mention what reports might be a more business-merchandise use for the custom wristband :
“There are many companies that specialize in the manufacturing of custom rubber wristbands. Here, these rubber bracelets are fashioned for the purpose of promotional advertising gifts to be used as a gimmick. These promotional rubber wristbands are generally available in a wide range of colors, textures and even in varied sizes and thickness as per the need of the company. When it comes to planning custom rubber wristbands as promotional advertising gifts, one can even have the name of the company printed or even embossed on the band. These can also be decorated with designs and forms that can suit the product that the rubber wristband is associated with.

When it comes to advertising and using rubber wristbands as promotional advertising gifts, these can help and assist any campaign or marketing strategy of the company. This is because the company firstly wants the brand recognition amongst people. Establishing the name of the brand and promoting the products is done extensively through various print and online media. There are times when advertising professionals use this ingenious way to promote the name of a product. These custom rubber wristbands are also given free with the products, so that people use them, which ensure the name of the brand is constantly flashed before others.

These custom rubber wristbands or rubber bracelets are also given as a promotional advertising gift for the launch of a new product. This is also a part of the advertising strategy, which is to add an incentive for the consumers. Therefore this helps in the brand recognition.

This probably explains the popularity of the custom rubber wristbands, the reason being the functionality they offer. Whether it’s a social cause or an advertising gimmick or even for purely fashionable reasons, custom rubber wristbands are here to stay!” (
Charitable causes and marketing aren’t the only purposes, though. I will continue to report all of the various uses I see for the custom rubber wristband.

Why a Rubber Wristband? Part 1

It has been a while since I have reported on some of the most common uses for the rubber wristbands . has noted a couple important and popular uses for the wristband and I thought I would share, today and tomorrow, what they are saying. First, wristbands can be used for charitable causes:
“Rubber wristbands have served many purposes for years. These are also used as a form of identification for certain groups or as a charity fundraiser. Since rubber wristbands are very easy to manufacture, these are easy to make and sell and prove to be a great way to gather funds for any charitable organization.

Today, sporting a rubber wristband holds more reason than just a fashion statement. Rubber wristbands are a great way to show your support for any organization that needs help and assistance. Such wristbands are a subtle reminder to people about the various worthy causes one can help and support.

The most important and popular case is the famous ‘Livestrong’ rubber wristband. These were designed in 2004 in order to raise money for a cancer foundation. Cancer survivor Lance Armstrong designed these wristbands to create more awareness of this issue and as a way to raise funds for the foundation and the people with their family members who needed the help and support. This rubber wristband is also known by its trademark yellow color. There are also other organizations that have used it as a way to raise money for different worldwide issues that need to be tackled” (
With all of these charitable causes out there, I would be interested in knowing what some of the customized slogans are on these wristbands.

A Concert to Fight HIV/Aids in Nagaland

The worldwide growth of the silicone wristbands is nothing short of phenomenal. Its ability to spread a message of hope has been incredible. I just came across this article (below) about a state in northern India, Nagaland, where HIV/Aids is a growing problem. In an effort to spread awareness, local artists will be performing. One of their methods of spreading the word is to hand out those rubber wristbands:
“Artists will perform on the open truck spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS. The well-designed truck stage also bore catchy slogans such as ‘Make your life a longer story’ and ‘Stand up, take action, end AIDS.’ The minister said that the five-month multimedia campaign was launched on October 26 by the Nagaland State AIDS Control Society for youths aged between 15-29 years. It is with the objective to reach out to the people with messages of HIV/AIDS prevention and through music and sports.

During this period, a team of people will also individually reach out to young people in villages where the reach of the media is low. Live Drive will also encourage young people to participate through writing and composing songs on HIV prevention. Live Drive will cover all the districts through band competitions and will culminate in a state-level event at Kohima. Video messages on HIV-related subjects will also be screened during the concert. A special talk on HIV will also be delivered during all the concerts. Further, rubber wristbands with HIV-related message will be given to all the attendees” (
Countries and groups all over the world are using these wristbands for similar causes. Have you seen any groups around the world with similar messages of hope?

Motivating Eighth-Graders for College

In a small town in Minnesota this past week, University of Minnesota representatives spoke to eight graders about attending college. I guess there’s nothing like getting them started early! As a motivational thought, one of the speakers suggested that those who choose to sit in the front row are often better listeners and tend to get better grades. To those sitting in the front row of the auditorium that day, to help emphasize his point, he gave out University of Minnesota rubber wristbands :
“He handed out U of M rubber wristbands to the students who chose to sit in the auditorium’s front row. “People who sit in the front have greater opportunity for achieving A grades. You’ll have better listening skills, you’ll pay attention. Life is about (making) connections, connecting with experiences,” he explained.

“Education can open up a lot of opportunities for a better future and society. Some of the best students in the United States are sitting in your seats. We know our present exists, but we don’t know what our future holds,” added Tex.

College means more jobs. Over 43 million people will retire by 2020, so we need educated people to fill those vacant jobs. “We need you for the future,” Tex emphasized to the students” (
I’m not sure if his message relayed well to the kids or not. But I like the idea of promoting college early. Getting students thinking about education can only help this country’s future.

Honoring Veterans All Year Long

Veteran’s Day has recently passed but that doesn’t mean we need to stop thinking about them. Considering the sacrifices they and their families provide for us, the least we can do is recognize them, honor them, and thank them. A small Illinois paper has recently reported some ideas about keeping our soldiers in mind. One idea includes the wearing of rubber wristbands :
“The whole school lined silently on the sidewalks, and held out American flags while the procession of police cars, fire trucks, and other vehicles passed by. Several of them had their own American flags.

There was recently an article in our local paper about a man who wore his rubber, camouflage “Support the Troops” wristband for over a month. It shows that you don’t need blaring parades or mountains of confetti to honor our military.

It can be as simple as sending the message “thank you” in sign language to a service personnel or wearing a wristband. Next time you see someone who has served, be sure to show your appreciation. I believe that because the military is protecting us every day, they deserve to be honored every day” (
Sometimes even the smallest, simplest of acts can go a long way. What else have you seen that we can do on a day-to-day basis to support our military?