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Kid Safety Bands

Anybody who has ever been a parent knows the fear, if even only lasting a second, of not knowing where a child is. Paul O’Dea had a great idea to use rubber wristbands , his are bright orange, to help young children know how to contact their family in case of an emergency. Instructions are given on the wristband so that if a well-meaning stranger wants to help, they will be able to. The Journal News reported this about the story:
“It was that sense of helplessness that motivated O’Dea to create Kid Safety Bands, a line of bright-orange silicone wristbands laser-engraved with information parents can personalize.
The bracelets, which come in three sizes, are similar to the LiveStrong rubber bracelets created by cyclist Lance Armstrong.
They retail for $4.75 each, including personalization and shipping.
O’Dea, who lives in Port Chester with his wife, Adele, and sons Conor, 7, and Aidan, 9, made sure his sons wore their Kid Safety Bands, engraved with the family’s cell phone numbers, when they went to an amusement park at the Jersey shore last summer” (
What a fantastic use of the rubber wristbands! Kids love them and they might just help them out someday!

Banding Together for High School Student

As I continue to report about wristbands, I am amazed at their influence around the country and in the world. They are often used as a source of inspiration, remembrance, and awareness for those in need or to raise money for good causes. Recently, during the funeral of a high school student who lost the battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, students handed out custom wristbands .
“Party favors were handed out at the entrance to the church. Each brown paper lunch bag included a CD of Matthew’s original songs, origami paper cranes and “Booyah” wristbands, a product born out of Barrington High School’s Interact Club.
The Interact Club commits itself to service projects and charitable activities. The group approached Matthew with the idea to create silicone wristbands with a phrase and color of his choosing to be sold at a nominal cost to benefit his medical fund. Since his passing, his family has changed the beneficiary to the “Matthew Starring Memorial Fund.” The family plans to put the contributions toward a music scholarship in his name at Barrington High School. Matthew chose to label the bracelet with “Booyah,” his rallying cry throughout treatment. The orange bracelets, the official color representing leukemia awareness, will be sold at the school store and the Barrington High School Thanksgiving football game” (
Have you had any you know support loved ones and friends with a wristband like this?