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Man Jailed for Injuring Referee; Family and Friends Show Support

In a recent and unfortunate event, a referee of a semi-professional football league was seriously injured by a players helmet after the player intentionally bashed the helmet into the referee’s face. Obviously, this has been quite an ordeal as the player was tried and convicted and the referee had to go through several reconstructive surgeries. In support of the ref, and as a call to awareness and support of referees in sports nationwide, friends and family sported black and white apparel, including rubber wristbands marked “Official Awareness.” Here’s part of the story:
“He thanked his family, friends and the community for strong support and said he is inching back into officiating sports, his love for more than 25 years.
“I’ve been officiating some youth sports but I’m struggling,” he said. “I’m taking a year off from football. That’s breaking my heart.”
Several dozen of McCabe’s family members and fellow referees witnessed the plea. Some wore black and white ribbons symbolizing referees’ uniforms and black rubber bracelets bearing the slogan “Official Awareness,” an online effort by McCabe’s son, Peter McCabe III, to raise awareness about the role in sports played by referees and push for a law mandating severe penalties for assaults on sports officials” (
It is an unfortunate story, but I hope the message can spread that referees are important to the world of sports and we need to make sure they are being treated with respect.

Bracelets: Fashion Trend and Big Idea!

Well, don’t we all wish we could come up with the latest fashion trend or innovative idea? It seems like every year we see something that everyone’s “gotta have.” We have seen Crocs, Tickle Me Elmo, and Zhu Zhu Pets. So what is it now? Rubber wristbands. Okay, okay, we know that rubber wristbands have been around for awhile, but now there is a twist:
“And now these bracelets — tiny rubber bands called “bandz” shaped like food, princesses, Phillies paraphernalia, and lions, tigers, and bears, oh my — are the latest fashion must-haves for teens, tweens and toddlers, boys and girls alike.
Toy stores and children’s clothing boutiques are selling through dozens of boxes a day.
What’s so cool about the Technicolor bandz? On, they look like bracelets or ponytail holders, but off, they pop right back to their original shapes. Poof. Not only do the bandz come in funky tie-dyed patterns — some have glitter, others glow in the dark, and some are even, OMG!, scented.
At $2.50 for a pack of 20, they are hot for collecting and trading” (
So, I guess the question is, do you have any of these latest fashion statements?

Fine Jewelry Compared to Rubber Bracelets

Architects often create all kinds of wonderful creations beyond just buildings. The newest creation is coming from architect Gijs Bakker has designed bracelets made from leftover building materials. Interestingly, he says that his innovative idea came from the simplicity of rubber wristbands :
“Architects frequently divert their attention to miniature constructions such as furniture and even teakettles. Lately they seem to be downsizing even more – to jewelry.
Gijs Bakker, co-founder of the Dutch conceptual design company Droog, recently showed some innovative wearable-art pieces at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, and now the award-winning Los Angeles architecture and construction firm Marmol Radziner (which recently designed Vince boutique in San Francisco) has launched a line of jewelry made from leftover building materials.
The idea evolved when architect Ron Radziner, one of the firm’s two principals, designed a clothing store in Los Angeles that happens to sell elaborate jewelry for men and women.
“It prompted me to think of something simpler, like the rubber bracelets that surfers wear,” Radziner said. “In L.A., even men like to wear diamond-encrusted skulls. I wanted something more elemental and beautiful than that” (
They look like nice bracelets! Go to the website above to catch a glimpse of them. Now, I just want to know how much they cost!

Livestrong Bands Passed out in Tulsa

In the continual fight against cancer, it is good to see that organizations are still going strong to raise money and awareness. Of course, the Lance Armstrong foundation is most widely known for raising money and awareness through their iconic yellow Silicone wristbands . At a recent Tulsa Shock game, the foundation was there, passing out 5,000 wristbands.
“The Tulsa Shock and Livestrong Foundation are “Blockin’ Out Cancer” at the Shock’s June 25th game against the New York Liberty. The Warren Clinic Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine will be passing out free first aid kits to the first 2,000 fans to enter the arena.
Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation volunteers will also be at the game helping pass out the iconic yellow Livestrong wristbands to the first 5,000 fans that enter.
The Livestrong foundation will also be hosting a memory wall – a place where fans will be able to write and leave personal notes in honor of loved ones impacted by cancer” (
I am starting to wonder how many Americans have Livestrong band. Do you have one? How often do you wear it?

Australian Sports Stars Sporting Blue Wristbands

When sports teams get desperate, it seems like they will try some of the wildest things to win an important game. In Australia, it looks like a rugby team is now sporting blue Silicone wristbands , in an attempt to beat their rival. If only that was the answer!
“The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Blues officials have ordered in 40 Power Balance wristbands as part of a bizarre attempt to stop Queensland winning a record fifth consecutive Origin series.

The contentious apparel, made famous earlier this year by Wests Tigers ace Benji Marshall, costs $60 a pop and has been labelled everything from sensational to snake oil for Generation Y.

Yesterday, every member of the Blues squad sported one of the bands – which is said to improve an athlete’s strength by up to 500 per cent – with many tipped to wear them on to Suncorp Stadium again next Wednesday” (
Well, maybe this is the answer after all! I guess it beats other crazy ideas to win a game.

The Newest Silicone Band?

Silicone wristbands , it appears, are no longer just a plain rubber bracelet with a catchy motto. It looks like the wave of the future might be holographic wristbands that enhance power in athletes? Well, perhaps, but it sounds a little too quirky to be true to me. But, it is an interesting superstition, anyway! Some professional athletes across the world are trying them out. I guess we can see what happens in the future with these futuristic wristbands.
“IF A $60 ”magic” wristband really did give Tigers star Jack Riewoldt the power to kick 10 goals last Sunday, then the Socceroos need a supply couriered to Durban ASAP.
If the band did nothing but use up 20 centimetres of medical tape to secure it to Riewoldt’s wrist, then he and hundreds of other sports stars around the world have fallen for a very successful marketing scam.
The ubiquitous Power Balance band – which claims to use ”holographic technology” to send energy flowing through the body – has become a talisman for some of the world’s top sportsmen, including US basketballer Shaquille O’Neal and Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as dozens of Australian AFL and NRL players.
The three-millimetre-thick silicone band, which is embedded with two hologram discs, is also gracing the slender wrist of champion Melbourne jockey Damien Oliver” (
I would like a personal testimony from anyone who has ever worn one of these!

Runner Wears Pink to Remember Wife

This is a touching story coming from Salt Lake City. When we lose loved ones, we always want to remember them for the great qualities they possessed. A runner in Utah now wears pink, including pink rubber wristbands , in memory of his wife—who lost the battle with breast cancer three years ago. Here is part of the story:
“At some point during every run, Tooele resident Tracy Mullendore thinks about his wife, Carolyn.
In some cases, the memories conjured up by her battle with breast cancer, which she lost in 2007, are too poignant for him to continue.
In most cases, they propel him forward.
But when Mullendore and his team, The Human Test Subjects, complete the Wasatch Back Relay this weekend, the van won’t be decked in pink in remembrance of Carolyn. Her pictures won’t be plastered on the van’s windows.
Instead, Mullendore and his son-in-law, Chris Rose, will wear simple pink bracelets in her honor. Of the nearly 1,000 runners who complete the grueling 188-mile trek along the backside of the Wasatch Mountain range from Logan to Park City, only a few may notice the words “I will celebrate life” etched into the bracelet’s rubber band — a saying adopted by Carolyn following her initial diagnosis in 2001” (

Students Rewarded for Walking to School

I love to see organizations promoting exercise! It looks like in Connecticut they are working on a program that gives students rewards for walking and riding their bikes to school. Rewards include prizes like rubber wristbands and stickers. Here’s the scoop:
“Sam Goater, a University of Connecticut student working toward a master’s degree in transportation and urban planning, is drafting grant proposals for the Safe Routes to School program on behalf of the committee. Goater has eyes on a new technology called the Boltage system that monitors the number of times a student walks or bikes to school and rewards those who do so often with prizes like rubber wristbands, stickers, hand stamps and temporary tattoos.
“The kids would have a little card swiper in their helmet or on a key chain on their backpack and it keeps track of how many kids walk or bike to school,” he said of the $5,000 tracking system. “It’s pretty cool, and it could be the first one in Connecticut if we do it.”
Goater said the committee plans to submit several grant proposals by the end of summer” (
Do you know of any similar programs? What can we do to get kids outside???

Silicone Wristbands a Sports Must-Have?

We all have our superstitions, right? In sports, we see all kinds of stars doing something to make them perform better. You may have noticed many athletes wearing silicone wristbands . What is the deal with that? Whatever it is, it must be working!
“Rounding many of the sports world’s most famous wrists is today’s mystical, must-have, performance-enhancing accessory: the Power Balance wristband.
Los Angeles Laker forward Lamar Odom wears two yellow silicone bands on his left shooting hand for home games. He sports two black bands, one clinging to each wrist, on the road.
In Game 4 of the NBA Finals at Boston on Thursday, he juked a Boston Celtics defender out of his high tops, jetted inside for a pretzel-bodied layup and yet another free TV commercial for Laguna Niguel-based Power Balance” (–.html?pic=1).
What is your “thing”? Do you wear wristbands, or do you never wash your underwear during the playoffs? Certainly there must be a trick that works for you!

Businessmen Wearing…Bracelets?

When we think of style and fashion for men in America, it is often easy to look to businessmen. They are wealthy, after all, and they wear the ties, belts, suits, and shoes we look to, right? Well, what if businessmen started wearing bracelets, too? Would that be the newest trend? It appears that many are starting to wear bracelets—from silicone wristbands to threaded friendship bracelets. Here’s a story coming out of Styleite:
“Men, you might just want to brace yourselves. Or as the Financial Times has it, you probably already have. Yes lads, according to that bastion of all things buttoned up and Tag wearing, the latest accessories trend to hit the mannery market: Bracelets–in all their beaded, bangled and charmed glory. “Not to be confused with the charity wristband fad started by Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong campaign in 2004,” the paper reports–pointing to a surge in popularity among well-togged hommes, “these accessories are instead an update of the backpacker souvenirs and friendship bracelets of adolescence” (
Will this trend continue? What kinds of bracelets do you see elitist men wearing? Are they gold chains or rubber wristbands?