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Silicone for a Good Cause

Graduate students in England have been working together to raise money for The Prince’s Trust, a charity organization that works closely with Bentley Motors. By selling silicone wristbands , they have earned over $5,000 in just a few months.
“TWO graduates from Bentley Motors have launched a unique range of charity wristbands to raise money for The Prince’s Trust.
The silicone wristbands have gone on sale at Sir William Stanier School in Crewe to raise both cash and awareness for the trust.
The initiative was launched in style with a display of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, one of the fastest 4-door saloon cars in the world, capable of over 200mph.
Sir William Stanier is the second school to be involved with the charity wristband initiative after Ruskin kicked off the scheme with great enthusiasm the week before.
Wristband sales have helped the graduates increase their charity total to over £5,000 in just a few months” (
It never ceases to amaze me how effective these rubber wristband fundraisers can be. Have you used them for your own fundraiser?

Shuttle Services for GLBT Community

In San Diego, a shuttle company is running a special to promote and help the GLBT community. Typically, the shuttle company sells passes that takes commuters and tourists to parks around the city. They use red bracelets for passengers. But for this event, there will be reusable rainbow-colored rubber wristbands to help support the event.
“The easiest way to buy the passes is in advance and online, and Passons encourages this method to help them assess how many passengers they might expect on this busy weekend. When you purchase online, all you have to do is show up at a shuttle pick-up location! The shuttle host will have your name on a list for verification, and provide you with your bracelet right then and there.
The bracelets for the one-day Pride Line pass will be just like the shuttle’s traditional red wristbands, but – and here is yet another reason to go for the weekend pass – the weekend Pride Line pass will be a reusable rainbow-colored silicone bracelet (similar to the Armstrong “Live Strong” bracelet) and with “Park-2-Park Pride Line” stamped on it. See photo above.
Starting Wednesday (today), limited numbers of Pride Line passes will also be available for purchase at Urban Mo’s, Baja Betty’s and Bourbon Street. It is best to buy your passes early to avoid confusion” (
Whether or not you choose to attend the event, you have to admit the bracelets look pretty cool (you can see a picture at the link above). They have a sort of tie-dye, play dough, popsicle feel to them!

New ID Tags for Livestrong Bracelets

Rubber wristbands like the Livestrong wristbands have been customizable for some time now, but a new organization has found a way to make them even more so. For those ultra-athletes who need their vital personal information on them, but can’t wear too many bracelets or carry too much with them, they can now wear an ID tag that attaches to their bracelet:
“yikes ID, Inc., a leading provider of visible emergency identification tags for endurance athletes, introduces yikes ID Aware, a revolutionary new ID tag that transforms ultra thin awareness bracelets like a yellow LIVESTRONG or pink Susan G. Komen, into a visible identification designed to either help save one’s life or personalize one’s bracelet with a message of hope and inspiration.
“Yikes ID has addressed the concern of all endurance athletes by eliminating the need for their having to wear multiple wristband on one’s wrist.” said Bruce Temesy, CEO of yikes ID, Inc. “The new yikes ID Aware combines a lightweight visible identification tag with one’s awareness bracelet so one can train and compete with the confidence of knowing their vital information will be seen by First Responders.”
I am constantly amazed with the number of new, creative ideas that come out for rubber wristbands. Do you have a good idea and use for them? I would love to hear it!

80’s Fest to Earn Money

A festival is being held in England to raise money for a charity called TearFund, which is giving the much needed relief to victims in Haiti after the devastating earthquake. While the news of the earthquake may not be in the news much right now, efforts are going on to help. This festival sounds like a blast! There will be 80’s music and other events from that decade. One of the things being sold is rubber wristbands , which originally became popular in the 80s!
“Sharpenders have put together a set list of songs performed at LiveAid by U2, Queen, The Who, Madonna, The Cars and Duran Duran.
Mum-of-three Mrs Pepler said: “We’ve put together a set list of songs but we’ll have a go at everything. We’ll do Feed The World because that’s the iconic song.”
As well as the music there will be a robotics and breakdancing competition, a bouncy castle, a 1980s fancy dress competition, a trivia quiz, singing by West Hoathly School Choir and a penalty shoot-out.
The event will raise money for Tearfund, which is helping the people of Haiti recover from January’s earthquake.
Fashion rubber bracelets are also being sold to raise money for the charity.
Mrs Pepler added: “We aimed to raise £1,000 but we’ve raised that before we’ve sold tickets. We know we’ve already got our target” (
Sounds like a great way to earn money.

Silly Bracelets Reach International Status

The now ever popular rubber wristbands that mold into many shapes are being sold beyond the U.S. border. Some companies have started to market them in England. This can officially be called an international fad. Here’s a bit of news I picked up from England:
“They’re inexplicably popular, ludicrously simple and kids in America are going absolutely nuts over them. No, not the Jonas Brothers. We’re talking about Silly Bandz. Conclusive proof that simplicity rules, Silly Bandz are colourful silicone shapes that can be worn as bracelets or used as rubber bands. Take them off and they magically return to their original profile. Clever, eh?

Silly Bandz are being collected and traded at a quite staggering rate; some schools have even banned them – and if that isn’t the sign of an era-defining craze, we don’t know what is.
Your kid will love you forever and it will more than make up for all the hours watching the World Cup.” (
Silly Bandz is a brand, but many other companies are making similar products. What will the next trend be in rubber wristbands?

Oil Spill Relief: Buy a Bracelet

Two teenage girls in Hartford are putting together a strong effort to raise money to help with the oil spill relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. By selling rubber wristbands , they have already earned over $2,500. Impressive! I have the information below in case you would like to help out with the cause:
“Two Brookfield teens are selling rubber bracelets to raise money for sea life affected by the Gulf oil spill. The girls, Shannon Pugliese, 16, and Masha Myslovskiy, 15, are selling the bracelets for $2, and the proceeds go to Mystic Aquarium to help clean birds and sea life and fund research teams headed to the spill zone. In less than a month of selling the acqua bracelets, which say “oceans include lives,” the two have raised $2,500. They hope to raise at least $25,000. To buy a bracelet, e-mail Pugliese at” (,0,4894432.story).
It is amazing how effective these bracelets can be. With a little effort, we can all take charge of helping organizations get the money they need and the messages they need sent.

Wristbands to Remind a Star

One of the most recognized athletes in recent history is former NCAA and now rookie NFL quarterbacks, Tim Tebow. As the attention he gets increases as he becomes a professional athlete, he reminds himself of the responsibility he has to set a good example. So, to help him remember that people are watching him, he wears several rubber wristbands :
“I look at being an NFL football player and playing the sport of football, I think it gives you a platform, a platform for whatever you believe in. For me, it’s more than just a platform. I think it’s a responsibility and an obligation to be a good role model,” Tebow said.
It’s an obligation Tebow is already taking seriously. Appearing at a press conference the afternoon before the speaking engagement, the former Gators star was adorned with several rubber wristbands reminding him of critically ill children he had met and a former teammate who had died.
The family also answered questions about the pro-life ad Tebow and his mother did that ran during the Super Bowl, the controversy that surrounded it, and how it had an even bigger impact because of that” (
I only wonder: how many rubber wristbands will he wear before it becomes to many? At any rate, it sounds like he is a class act, trying to represent himself and the NFL well.

Interrupting Hunger

An organization is working on helping two groups to fight their problem with hunger—those who do not have enough to eat, and those who eat too much. Their “Interrupt Hunger” program encourages people who eat too much to lose weight and donate $1 for every pound they lose to those in need. So what is the trick to losing weight? Wearing an orange rubber wristbands and moving it from one arm to the other every time a bad food choice is presented:
““Since both groups have a problem with hunger – one doesn’t get enough to eat, while the other eats too much, I wanted to do something to interrupt the hunger cycle for both groups,” stated Jollie. “If our willpower isn’t strong enough to overcome our food cravings, hopefully our compassion for others will.”
Interrupt Hunger motivates people to lose weight by donating $1 for every pound they lose to Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina. Through the nutrition support of Total Nutrition Technology, Interrupt Hunger provides a charitable means in which to help motivate people to be healthier.
The symbolic color of hunger is orange. In an effort to raise awareness, Interrupt Hunger will offer its own orange version of the popular rubber wristband to support its cause. Additionally, this wristband serves as a behavior modification tool. When craving something unhealthy, take the wristband off and put it on the other wrist. This technique serves as a voice of reason and helps bring the person back to their focus of losing weight” (
What a great cause! This can help a great deal of people. Hopefully the wristbands will be a success.

Wristbands Used to Fight for Equality

Arizona’s immigration law that allows police officers to ask for a Latin American’s citizenship papers has received a lot of attention. A Latino group, in efforts to fight against what they see as a racist law, has put together a campaign against the law. One thing that they are doing is distributing rubber wristbands that say “Ask Me 4 My Papers” to show the irony and what they see as an obviously racist law:
“Democracia Ahora (D-Ahora), a leading 501(c)(4) national Hispanic grassroots advocacy organization, today announced the launch of its “Ask Me 4 My Papers” campaign, to highlight the discriminatory nature of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, put pressure on the Federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the law and to stop similar laws from being enacted in the 17 states where they are currently under consideration.

“This law has reduced the identity of Latinos in the US to immigration papers. But, green cards and birth certificates aren’t the only papers that define our community. When someone asks us for our papers, they should also expect to get other papers that show our contributions to the greatness of this country,” said Jorge Mursuli, President of Democracia Ahora. “No matter how you wordsmith the law, it will result in racial profiling and undue harassment for thousands of Hispanics in the state of Arizona and if this law is replicated in other states it will affect millions of Latinos.”

Mursuli further added, “You want to see a Latino’s papers? Maybe he’ll show you his law degree or a letter his daughter sent him. You want to see a Latina’s papers? Maybe she’ll show you her letter of promotion or library card. We want you to see our contributions, our accomplishments, our families, our valuable place in American society. We’ve got plenty of papers in our backpacks, briefcases, and purses. We’re just not going to undercut American values by adding our birth certificate to them” (‘ask-me-4-my-papers’-campaign-to-urge).
What do you think about the effectiveness of the rubber wristband? Later in the article, it says that over 20,000 wristbands were to be distributed. Will this help their cause?

“Finish Strong”

An impressive spotlight on a young man in Chickasha, OK mentions the highlights of his young life in sports and athletics. He wears a rubber wristband touting an adage that serves as his motivating motto: “Finish Strong.” What a perfect phrase for any of us hoping to achieve life’s goals:
“Going into his senior year, his class ranking is third out of 186. He is a National Honor Society Regent; vice-president of his freshman, sophomore and junior class; member of student council; and vice-president of the school organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Looking forward to his senior year at CHS, McKnight wears a rubber wristband imprinted with the message, “Finish Strong.”

“I just want to have a good senior year all-around,” he said. “I tend to set goals when they come. When it’s time to set a goal. I’m not sure what I want to do for a career right now. I would like to sign on to swim at the college level, but recruitment doesn’t really pick up until the fall.

“Our school swim team had one of the best years ever in CHS swim history last season. We have a really good set-up going into this next year. I want to be a leader,” he said.

And, according to Coach Gallaway, that’s something that does come naturally to the All-American swimmer” (
If you could come up with a two-word motto for your wristband, what would you say?