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“Boobies” Fundraiser a Success

While the controversy surrounds the Keep-A-Breast foundation’s “I [heart] Boobies” silicone wristbands (primarily because of the distraction caused by junior high school students wearing them in class), the bracelets continue to raise a lot money for cancer research. is reporting this great story: “Sue White’s passion to help find a cure for cancer has led to a new fashion trend in Jackson and across the country.
Keep-A-Breast Boobies
The Concord resident has sold more than $15,000 worth of silicone bracelets that say “I Love Boobies!!!” in the past six weeks with the help of family, friends, co-workers and local businesses.
“They’re selling them everywhere to everyone,” said White, who is a four-time cancer survivor. “It’s been crazy.”
White, 39, has surpassed her fundraising goal of $10,000 for the American Cancer Society through her Relay for Life team, which is sponsored by her brother’s company, Billy White Roofing.
The bracelets sell for $4 apiece.”

“How I Made My Millions” Includes Silicone Accessories

A new feature reported by CNBC will be highlighting various people who have made millions on bright product ideas. One will feature Robert Croak, mastermind behind the SillyBandz ” rubber wristbands that are now commonplace in the United States.
Silly Bandz Millionaire
CNBC reports on their website: “Robert Croak came out swinging with an idea to bring silicone wristbands to the U.S. and he hit a grand slam. Croak was visiting a trade show in Japan when he saw a product similar to Silly Bandz. He thought a thicker version would make a great fashion accessory; he just didn’t know how great. Croak decided to bring the rainbow colored bracelets, which he named Silly Bandz, to the United States and the toy took off. The company started slowly in 2006, but it began to take off in late 2007. Croak went from selling 100 packs a week to a couple of million worldwide in about six months. They went from 17 employees to 350 in the U.S. alone. But they aren’t sitting on their success- Croak says BCP is debuting a new product this spring, and they have high hopes that it will be just as well received.”

Ocean City Proposes Wristbands for Publicity

In Ocean City, the city council is debating whether or not to follow through on a proposition given by the mayor: hand out “thank-you” rubber wristbands to visitors. Of course, the city would have to purchase these, then the local businesses would have to purchase them from the city. reports: “OCEAN CITY — The Ocean City council will hear business and community feedback that it recently solicited regarding the development of a campaign to thank visitors for coming to the resort.
One idea the mayor and council discussioned was to possibly have silicone bracelets made that are similar to the yellow “Livestrong” bands and give them to businesses for distribution to visitors. /thankyou would be printed on the wristbands, which would direct users to a not-yet-built website where they could participate in a survey about their vacation and enter to win a drawing. Staff at the businesses would also wear buttons with a thank you message, according to a letter town spokeswoman Donna Abbott presented to the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce to circulate among its members as a solicitation for opinions on the campaign idea.
Thank-You Rubber Wristbands
The considered proposal would have the town purchase the wristbands and buttons in bulk and resell them to businesses.”

Kids Show Off Creativity, Wristbands

An event in Appleton, Wisconsin is set to encourage kids to use their creativity, ride their bikes, and strut their stuff in a parade. As a part of the event, organizers are giving participants colorful rubber wristbands . reports this great story. “Lineup begins at 5:15 p.m. on College Avenue in front of the Building for Kids Children’s Museum, 100 W. College Ave. The parade, which starts at 6 p.m., proceeds from Houdini Plaza down College Avenue toward City Park. There, an hour-long celebration with food and entertainment takes place beginning at 7 p.m.
Pre-registration is required by Monday. There is a $5 fee per family/ neighborhood group and a $50 fee per business or organization.
Money from fees, raffle tickets, concession sales and sponsorships benefit the Building for Kids. ThedaCare and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley are the event’s main sponsors. Last year’s event raised nearly $17,000 for the children’s museum, Hunt said.

Organizers will distribute commemorative rubber wristbands. Past event bracelets are purple and orange.
Orange Rubber Wristbands
“We change the color every year,” Hunt said. “I’d like to someday see a kid showing up at the parade with ten different colors.”

Motorcycles and Wristbands

Bikers in England have gathered to support a good cause, raising money for the Help for Heroes campaign. To do so, celebrities in the biking world have joined together to sell silicone wristbands .
The St. Helens Star is reporting: “MILLENNIUM Motorcycles in Thatto Heath will be burning some rubber this weekend with an special that gives you the chance to take meet some of the biggest stars on two wheels.
Four confirmed guests are 17-times Isle of Man TT winner John McGuinness, Relentless Suzuki BSB racer Josh Brookes and British Super Bike riders Glen Richards, Tommy Hill and Peter Hickman, who will be there for photo opportunities and autographs.
Help for Heroes Rubber Wristband
“As well as holding the event to showcase new stock on our refurbished upper floor, we’re getting involved with Help for Heroes,” explained Sarelle Mather, marketing administration assistant at Millennium Motorcycles. “We’ll be selling wristbands all weekend to raise funds for their cause.”
They previously hosted a charity motorcycle rally for Help for Heroes which began and ended at the showroom, going between Land’s End and John O’Groats. Hundreds of bikers got involved, led by Corporal Andy Reid, and in total they raised £43,000, more than twice their original goal.”

Jeter’s 3000th Means Money

No matter how you look at it, when an athlete does something as incredible as what Jeeter just did in baseball, marketing gurus will jump all over the money-making possibilities (for profit and for donation). While many companies and Jeter himself will revel in the fortunes made, so too will a charity, Turn 2, who will get all process from the sale of a silicone wristbands .
The Bulletin is reporting: “Warehouses of some of the biggest licensees, like Majestic and New Era, which are accustomed to supplying stores with World Series merchandise, are ready to deliver their Jeter material to retailers. “Between the New York market and how revered Jeter is, it’s going to be a huge event,” said Michael Johnson, a spokesman for Majestic, which is producing an array of jerseys and T-shirts.
Derek Jeter Wristband
And already, John Killen, the president of Wincraft, one of the 24 licensees, said he has booked substantial business for his Jeter flags, lanyards, pennants, travel mugs, pins and magnets.
“Short of someone of Jeter’s caliber retiring, you won’t get an event bigger than this,” he said.
And, Jeter will get a cut of some of it. For all the licensed products sold by the likes of Rawlings, Nike, Majestic, Louisville Slugger, Fathead and New Era, he will share royalties with MLB and the players union; he will also share in the sale of products sold under his deal with Steiner Sports. Already, he has designated proceeds from the sale of a silicone bracelet to benefit his Turn 2 Foundation.”

McIlroy Win Gives Supports Wristbands

Rory McIlroy’s win at the US Open wasn’t only a victory for him—it was for his fans and the makes of TrionZ a rubber wristbands —who saw a thousand of them given away after the event.
World Golf is reporting: “Trion:Z staffer Rory McIlroy crushed up to 12 US Open records at Congressional Country Club this past weekend as he clinched his first career major. His significant win not only captured the coveted “Historical All Time Scoring” record with a 16-under 286 but he is solely responsible for 1,000 people receiving his favorite Trion:Z Active Series wristband.
Core Synergy Wristband
According to Trion:Z CEO Toru Kamatari, “We felt confident that Rory would come back from Augusta. That is why we launched and budgeted for this US Open promotion. He is such a talented golfer — the last two majors proved that. This US Open victory is one of many majors he will win and we’ll be giving out a lot of free Active Series wristbands.”
During the four day major, McIlroy sported his favorite black Active Series wristband and Trion:Z company necklace with company pendant (only available in Japan). He wears the Active Series because it water resistant, comfortable and stylish. The first 1,000 who voted and supported McIlroy in the Trion:Z US Open promotion will be sent a Trion:Z Active Series wristband in the company’s patriotic colors of red, white and blue.”

Michael Vick Getting Endorsements Again

When a celebrity does something morally repugnant, it nearly always will sabotage their reputation and their income. Michael Vick is no exception, nearly ruining his career for a dogfighting operation. But back in the NFL, endorsements are coming back. One of them? a Silicone wristbands made by Core Synergy.
This story is coming from Yahoo! Sports . “Redemption is something they said Michael Vick(notes) wouldn’t successfully accomplish. Some even said he didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t too long ago, either. The Atlanta Falcons’ NFL superstar took a dive in his life, engaging in terrible activities before being thrown away not only physically, but in the public eye. His sponsors, then, backed away from him including his biggest—Nike.
Some three years later, the revived Philadelphia Eagle quarterback, Michael Vick, has resigned with the company.
As reported by CNBC, and PhillySportsDaily’s Tim McManus, Nike was sending Vick free products, but wasn’t paying him.
Core Synergy Wristband
During Vick’s return, he had been taken in by a company named Unequal Technologies. That company makes the gear that goes under his football jersey. After that, Vick signed with Core Synergy, a titanium-influenced silicone wristband brand.
This signing is a good reward for a man who let ‘the system’ do its job on him.”

Wristband Meets Social Media

There is no doubt that the trend of the future is through social media and staying “connected.” Even now, if you don’t have Facebook page, you can feel a little behind the times. Well, tech companies are trying to converge the chaos that is social media into one, easy to use device—a silicone wristband rubber-like wristband that takes your contacts with you.
This new produce is being reported from . “You know the drill. Promptly after meeting a business contact you get a LinkedIn invite. You may even get invites for other social networking services like Facebook or Skype. Wouldn’t it be nice to just create all those connections just as quickly as a handshake? That’s what new social networking platform using QR-codes is making possible. Skanz lets users create profiles with contact information, links to social networking profiles, and even curated lists of media. The profile’s potential is up to the user. The method of spreading that is in a QR-code the user can wear on a silicone wristband, attach to the case of a smartphone, or print on anything including business cards.
Skanz Rubber Wristband
Skanz is introducing its service this week in New York City at a consumer electronics industry event, CE Week. got the answers to a few questions from Tammy Lewis, CMO of Skanz and QR Media Group in advance of this introduction.”

Wristbands Say “Thanks!”

How would you like to be thanked for spending your time and hard-earned money at a classy resort? How about being given a silicone wristband as you leave? That is what a company in Ocean City, Maryland is doing.
The Dispatch gives us this interesting story. “Ocean City bracelets may be the next style trend around town as the resort explores other ways to thank its visitors.

Communications Manager Donna Abbott presented the Mayor and City Council with an update of the town’s “Thank You Campaign”.

“Everybody wants to be thanked for their business and their visit,” Abbott said.
Thank You Silicone Wristband

“Welcome to Ocean City Maryland” and “Thank You for Visiting” is posted all around town, according to Abbott. Entering Ocean City from Delaware on Coastal Highway visitors come across a welcoming message, as well as leaving and entering from Route 90 in mid-town, and entering and leaving on Route 50 downtown. Ocean City also has two ads on the Seaboard Media Boat welcoming and thanking beach goers.
Different businesses and organizations around Ocean City have also taken it upon themselves to thank the town’s visitors by posting it on their marquees.