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Real Food or Processed?

Well, if you are like most Americans, you probably have a pantry full of processed foods—dinner in a box, frozen pizza, toaster pastries. You know the stuff. But what if you were required to only eat “real” food for 10 days? Could you do it? One family has raised that challenge, promoting the idea on a website and offering silicone wristbands to those who complete it.
According to : “Do the four food groups in your house consist of chicken nuggets, pizza, frozen waffles, and macaroni and cheese? Are you looking for new ways to introduce non-processed, “real”, grown-in-the-ground fruits, vegetables, and whole grains? Then you might want to consider taking the 10 Days of Real Food Pledge!
10 Days Real Food Wristband
In 2010, Jason and Lisa Leake were inspired by an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to become more aware of the food they were preparing, eating, and feeding their two children. They made a commitment to change the way they eat and started a “100 days of real food challenge”. After blogging about the challenge on 100 Days of Real, as they’ve done several times, they now encourage everyday American families to start small and take their 10 day challenge.
The Leakes also send everyone who takes the pledge a congratulatory letter and a silicone wristband debossed with “10 Days of Real Food”. On their website, they say, “every time we food shop or eat a meal we are voting for either processed food-like substances or real food.”
Sounds like a challenge worth completing!

Army Wristbands Banned by British Company

With some of the greatest support from organizations for recognizing our military, it is hard to think that a company in Great Britain has banned employees from wearing silicone wristbands in support of their military.
A story reported by the Belfast Telegraph , this raises questions about political correctness. “Translink has banned staff from wearing wristbands in support of soldiers serving in Afghanistan – even though they have not had any complaints from the public.
The transport company which runs NI Railways, Ulsterbus and Metro services said the move is designed to create a “neutral” working environment.
However, unionists have slammed the decision as political correctness gone mad.
TUV MLA Jim Allister who raised the issue during a recent meeting with Translink chiefs has vowed to contest the controversial ban. “This issue is particularly strong in Ballymena because there are so many young men and women who have served with the armed forces,” he said. “I certainly do not intend to let this matter rest. It is preposterous.”
Army Rubber Wristband
Silicone wristbands in support of the military are sold for around £2 from Territorial Army centres, Royal British Legion branches and from the regimental headquarters.”
Should employees be allowed to wear such wristbands? Or is it inappropriate?

Friends Raise Money for Paralyzed Friend

One of the greatest things about good friends is that, in times of trouble, they will do anything to go out of their way to help. In a recent heartwarming story, a young man was seriously injured after a high fall on a hike. He was soon told that he would be paralyzed from the waist down. Friends came together and raised money for him by selling t-shirts and rubber wristbands , having a concert, and throwing a dinner.
As the Clinton Patch reports: “To kick-off their fundraising efforts, the group designed, ordered and sold t-shirts and silicone wristbands emblazoned with “Believe For Bernier” that sold out in one day. What followed was a pasta dinner, a car wash, a lacrosse competition, and “Zackaroo,” a benefit concert held August 6. Other community groups and companies such as the PTA and Saldamarco’s have held their own fundraisers.
Believe for Bernier Bracelet
In addition, there is a fund in place at Liberty Bank for donations under Zack’s name.
All in all, more than $65,000 has been raised through all these efforts, said McNamara.
They are hoping that the Zackaroo concert can turn into an annual event.
Prior to Bernier’s arrival home from rehabilitation, his house had to be outfitted in many ways to support this young man who is now in a wheelchair.”
What lengths would you go to for a friend in need?

Wristbands Included in Fastest Growing Companies

If you thought of some of the fastest growing companies in America, would you consider rubber wristband companies to be one of them? A new report coming out of Houston acknowledges the highest earning new companies in the area. They range from selling gold to making silicone promotional wristbands.
This report comes out of the Houston Business Journal : “Five Houston-area companies have made the top 100 of Inc. magazine’s 500 fastest-growing companies.
The annual list, released on Aug. 24, features companies from a variety of industries that are growing rapidly. The local companies in the top 100, by ranking, include:
• No. 8: Spring-based Gold & Silver Buyers — The company buys gold and silver from consumers and sells to refineries. Three-year growth is more than 11,000 percent, with 2010 revenue at $15 million.
• No. 17: Houston-based ClearCorrect — Develops clear, custom dental braces. Three-year growth is more than 8,600 percent, with 2010 revenue at $8.7 million.
• No. 31: Houston-based WBPromotions — Makes customized silicone wristbands and bracelets. Three-year growth is more than 6,000 percent, with 2010 revenue at $6.9 million.
Promotional Wristband
• No. 65: The Woodlands-based PetRays PetRays Latest from The Business Journals Nine Houston companies make Inc. 500 list Follow this company — Consults with veterinary practices to help interpret X-rays, ultrasounds, CT and MRI scans. Three-year growth is more than 3,000 percent, with 2010 revenue at $3.8 million.
• No. 86: Houston-based SightLine Health SightLine Health Latest from The Business Journals Fascinating facts put Houston’s Fast 100 in focusHBJ honors Houston Fast 100Nine Houston companies make Inc. 500 list Follow this company — Develops and manages radiation oncology centers across the country. Three year growth is nearly 3,000 percent, with 2010 revenue at $18.4 million.”
A few ideas to start your next multimillion dollar business!

Silly Bandz a Jewelry Masterpiece

It’s hard to think of the cheap and flimsy Silly Bandz silicone wristbands that have taken the country by storm as an elegant piece of jewelry. After all, can’t you buy a pack of 25 for around a buck? But two students in London want you to rethink this—for charity of course. And they have created something beautiful out of something silly.
According to Ecouterre : “Silly Bandz and their ilk may be a disposable novelty for the junior set, but two students from London College of Fashion have transformed the dime-a-dozen rubber bracelets, which come in neon colors and goofy shapes for stacking, into bespoke objects of luxury. As part of Save the Children’s “No Chlid Born to Die” campaign, Lili Colley and Katherine Taylor were given one week and £5 ($8) to transform the charity’s glow-in-the-dark wristbands into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.”
Silly Bandz Jewelry
What do you think, would you buy one?

Trion-Z Sports NFL Teams

If you have ever hoped to have a rubber wristband with your favorite collegiate team, now might be the perfect chance. Trion-Z, a manufacturer of silicone rubber wristbands has teamed up with college football just in time for the new season.
As reported on 24-7 Press Release : “Trion:Z, manufacturer of award winning magnetic and negative ion technology, announced today that their highly popular Active Series Wristbands worn by hundreds of professional athletes are now available in some of the nation’s hottest collegiate colors and logos.
Trion-Z Athletic Wristbands

Before the tailgating and kick-off begin, Trion:Z introduces its new NCAA Officially Licensed Collegiate Program. Now, fans can support their favorite team while wearing their favorite Trion:Z Wristband or Necklace. Schools from some of the largest leagues; the SCC, ACC, Pac 10, Big 12, Big 10, Big East and Mountain West conferences all are represented between the Collegiate Fabric Dual Loop and Collegiate Active Series.

New to this season’s line-up is the Collegiate Active Series. This colorful, stylish, and waterproof silicone wristband combines Trion:Z’s negative ion and magnet technology.”
What team would you support with your rubber wristband?

Football Player Adorns Personality

South Carolina University football star Devin Taylor has a lot more on his mind than football this coming season, at least according to Post and Courier. Based on the rubber wristbands that Taylor sports on his arm, you would think he couldn’t ever think of football.
Reported by The Post and Courier , here is the story: “There is a lot to like about a pass rusher skilled enough to drop back in coverage. Taylor was fourth in the SEC with 7 1/2 sacks last season and eighth in the league with 13 tackles for lost yardage. He also broke up a team-high eight passes.
Devin Taylor Wristband
That only partially explains the high level of NFL interest. The athleticism has to scare offensive line coaches: Taylor played basketball and won the state Class AAAA triple jump title at Beaufort High.
“I’m just playing like I normally do,” Taylor said. “I don’t really listen to the media.”
But those first-round draft pick projections must be pretty cool.
“It’s just fun to look at sometimes to see what everyone is saying about things you have to improve on and stuff,” said Taylor, who is working on a degree in integrated information technology.
Obviously, Taylor has a lot on his mind. He wears at least a half-dozen thin rubber wristbands on any given day: two for cancer patients, one honoring U.S. military veterans, a “power” bracelet, two from the team chapel service.”
What wristbands would you wear if you were Devin Taylor?

Cowboys & Aliens Review Knocks Wristband

In a critical review of the summer blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens, a blogger calls Daniel Craig’s alien killing wristband a silly simulacrum of the Livestrong wristbands made famous by Lance Armstrong and his foundation.
Reported in Philadelphia Weekly , the film receives less accolades than the wristband: “Boasting five credited screenwriters, a raft of story-by credits and bearing little resemblance to the comic book from which it takes its goofy title, Cowboys & Aliens begins as a gritty, old-school oater. Daniel Craig’s laconic Man With No Name awakens in New Mexico, with weird wounds, ninja fighting skills and no memory of his past. He’s also wearing a laser-shooting wristband accessory that fulfills random plot functions at arbitrary moments. (It’s a Deus Ex Livestrong Bracelet.)
Daniel Craig Wristband
Craig quickly earns the ill will of Harrison Ford’s crotchety cattle baron, as well as an overstuffed cast of sterling character actors in the town of Absolution. Cowboys & Aliens takes its sweet time playing things straight, setting up complicated interpersonal dynamics and trusty archetypes. But then all of the sudden a bunch of UFO’s show up and everything goes to hell.
In a curious choice, all the more colorful characters are either abducted or killed by the end of the first reel. This leaves Craig and Ford to try to out-badass one another, playing Gruff And Gruffer while starting up a posse to rescue the kidnapped townspeople from an alien spacecraft. It sounds like way more fun than it actually is. The movie is grindingly violent and one-note.”
Sounds like I should go buy a wristband before I see the movie.

Nissan Teams Up With Armstrong

Perhaps an unlikely pair, Nissan has teamed up with the Lance Armstrong Foundation to support healthy living. Armstrong’s famous “Livestrong” motto (known mostly through those bright yellow silicone wristbands ) is being coupled with Nissan’s new zero-emissions LEAF.
According to PR Newswire : “The zero-emission Nissan LEAF will join the “Innovation for Endurance” display by Nissan and Rodale, Inc. for the 2011 Team LIVESTRONG® Challenge Philly, August 20-21. In the fifth year as the official automotive sponsor of the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge series, Nissan is proud to bring the “World Car of the Year” to the event, as Nissan shares its mission of encouraging healthy lifestyles.
Nissan Livestrong
At this year’s two-day, multi-distance run and bike ride, Nissan will continue enthusiastic presence with the interactive “Innovation for Endurance” display that invites spectators to learn more about electric vehicles, participate in a bike challenge, design a t-shirt and check out the 100% electric Nissan LEAF. Visitors can also enter for a chance to win a new Nissan LEAF as they explore the display housed on the Montgomery County Community College campus Saturday and Sunday.
“LIVESTRONG is grateful to Nissan for once again supporting the LIVESTRONG Challenge series,” said Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG president and CEO. “We applaud Nissan for its dedication to sustainable practices and for creating the Nissan LEAF that provides cleaner air to the benefit of public and environmental health.”
Sounds like a good combination to promote good things.

Haircuts and Wristbands

If you have wondered what you can do to raise money for an important cause, or even a club or organization, here is an idea that come from Durham, NC: combine rubber wristbands with a good haircut. You can’t go wrong!
As reported in the Killingworth-Durham-Middleton Patch : “Come ride The Carousel at Lenny & Joe’s, 1301 Boston Post Road, Madison. Event takes place on Sunday, September 4 from noon to close. Tell your family, friends, neighbors to join us! ALL proceeds will go to the Zack Bernier Donation Fund. T-shirts and wristbands will be sold.
Green Rubber Wristband
There will be a Haircut-A-Thon at Station One Hair Salon, 55 West Main Street, Clinton on Sunday, September 11 from 11am to 3pm. All proceeds will go to the Zack Bernier Donation Fund. Donations: Children and Men: $15.00; Women: $25.00. Includes wash and cut. WALK-INS ONLY. Any questions, contact Maria Hazuka at T-shirts and wristbands will also be sold!”
Sounds like an event not to miss!