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Manufacturing Rubber Wristbands

If you have looked into promotional items for a fundraising event, or for your company, you have considered silicone wristbands . If you are new to this, I thought I would report on what some of the advantages are.
According to Market Press Release : “According to the manufacturers, they employ highly trained graphic designers to design silicon wristbands of the finest quality. The designers have years of experience in creating silicon bracelets using cutting-edge computer technology. When combined with their imaginative innovation and creativity of the highest order, they deliver quality custom wristbands that are simply unbeatable.
Mariano Rivera Wristband

The company is the indisputable market leaders when it comes to delivering quality wrist bands. They are available online in a variety of styles such as embossed, debossed, silkscreened, painted, segmented, and swirled. Their high standards are the industry yardstick when it comes to quality and pricing.

Silicon wristbands are an innovative way of grabbing the attention to a cause. It is also an extremely effective promotional and advertisement tool which can be used in many innovative ways to send a message to your targeted audience. They are better than rubber bracelets by a long mile. Unlike rubber, silicone is extremely durable, more comfortable, and exceptionally flexible.”

Mariano Rivera Collection Includes Silicone Wristbands

In commemoration of broken records, the New York Yankees are celebrating Mariano Rivera’s 602 saves with memorabilia. Aside from the traditional t-shirts and hats, a list of items will be marketed and sold, including rubber wristbands to support charity.
According to the New York Yankees’ website : “Timeline collage: The Yankees’ public relations department issued a postgame fact sheet on all things pertaining to Rivera’s achievement, including a list of “milestone saves” — from his first against the Angels in 1996 to this one — finished off with a strikeout of Chris Parmelee. The official 602 collection also features the milestone list in a 14×18 wall-hanging, and it comes complete with game-used dirt and the official 602 emblem.
Signed and dated baseball. This will be hand-signed by Rivera and includes the inscription of “602 Saves” and “September 19, 2011.” There also is a version that is engraved instead of inscribed. Rivera’s pen typically stays on a pitching-rubber-straight baseline with flowing characters like you’ll get on this ball.
Mariano Rivera Wristband
Silicone wristbands. This two-pack includes one navy and one gray wristband, and one dollar from each sale of these goes to the Mariano Rivera Foundation.
Gold Coin Set. This Highland Mint 24-karat item is a limited edition, with 602 minted. One coin features his color image embedded in the center, and the other coin features the official 602 emblem.”
Which of these items would you be most likely to purchase?

In order to raise money for the family of a victim of a violent crime, friends have come together selling car washes, t-shirts and rubber wristb

The winners of a softball tournament were ecstatic about their victory. More importantly, however, they remembered one of their teammates, who died at a team camping outing. To remember him, they wore blue rubber wristbands .
According to , it was a very emotional victory. “Shortly after the champagne stopped spraying, the tears started flowing.
Joe Peltier, who plays outfield and catcher and also coaches the Boston Alley Gators in the B-Division, has been playing in the Gay Softball World Series since 1984 – and on Sept. 3, he became a two-time champion when the final out was registered in suburban Chicago at the 35th edition of the international tournament hosted by the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA).
Softball Rubber Wristband
The Gators defeated the Knoxville Cyclones 9-3 in the championship game, which was Peltier’s first title since an A-Division win in Los Angeles in 1992 while playing for the Boston Fritz.
The win was dedicated to former teammate Dave Hildebrandt, who died at a team camping function on Aug. 3, 2008. Peltier and his teammates wore blue rubber wristbands in Hildebrandt’s honor.

Carwash, Wristbands Used to Earn Money

In order to raise money for the family of a victim of a violent crime, friends have come together selling car washes, t-shirts and rubber wristband . Hopefully such efforts will spread the message that violence is never, ever the answer.
This sad story was reported in The Signal . “The car wash organized by Karla’s friends raised about $1,500,” Sasha Mendez, Brada’s sister, said in an email. “It was very successful and everyone was pleased by how many people came to support.”
The car wash was held at the Sylmar Independent Baseball League baseball fields, Mendez said.
Stop the Violence Wristband
Brada was found lying on her bed in her Saugus home not breathing between 7 and 8 a.m. Sept. 1 by Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics. Her live-in boyfriend, Eric Earle, was arrested later that day as homicide detectives investigated what they call a suspicious death.
Earle was released from jail a few days later because the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department did not have enough evidence to present to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

An autopsy performed by the county Coroner’s Office is pending results from toxicology and neuropathology tests that could take up to eight weeks to complete.
The money raised by the car wash will be donated to a domestic violence shelter and a dog rescue organization, Mendez said. Brada was an avid animal lover, she said.
Friends of Brada are also working to create rubber wristbands and T-shirts to raise money and remember Brada, Mendez said.”

Wake Forest Lives By Wristband Motto

In a hard fought day on the gridiron, Wake Forest football players needed to push to the end to get a much-needed win. The rubber wristband on they wore, which said “I believe” showed what the team really felt. And, it seemed to prove them right.
This report comes from the The Winston-Salem Journal . “The Wolfpack stopped fullback Tommy Bohanon on a third-and-2, regained possession at their 34 with 3½ minutes left and picked up two first downs driving across midfield. But Bryan couldn’t snag a pass thrown behind him on third-and-8, and on the deciding play, Whitlock dropped back in coverage and knocked down Glennon’s pass across the middle to Graham.
We Believe Rubber Wristband
“I’ll get on him for not picking it,” Grobe joked. “But it was nice that he was there to break it up.”
Senior safety Josh Bush, who picked off a pass early in the second half to help build Wake Forest’s three-touchdown lead, said the Deacons wore rubber wristbands in the game that said ‘We believe.’ And then they went out and proved it.
“We believe in ourselves, but we have to make ever how many thousands of people in the stadium believe in us as well,'” Bush said. “One thing we talk about on the sidelines is, ‘Let’s not let it happen again. Someone step up and be that guy.’
“And Nikita actually made a pass break-up on fourth down, so that was a big play.”
If you are on a sports team, what is the motto you would display on your wrist?

Arizona Football Lives by New Motto

Sports teams have to do whatever they can to motivate themselves. This is particularly true after a disappointing loss or, worse, season. In the eyes of Arizona football players, living by only one motto can remove them from such a season: All In. This is the motto plastered on black rubber wristband they wear now.
According to The Daily Wildcat : “Senior quarterback Nick Foles and the rest of UA’s leaders answered those questions with a new mindset featured on the wrist of everyone involved with Arizona football: All In, No Looking Back.
A Complaint Free World Wristband
“We went through a lot of adversity last year,” said senior safety Robert Golden. “We saw how we didn’t respond. So this year we’re coming with a stronger approach, and just being all in for the team. If we’re going to play on this team we’ve got to be all in. Whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes to do the extra we’ve got to do it.”
At the beginning of the summer, Foles, quarterback Bryson Beirne and a handful of other Wildcats had UA’s equipment staff make more than 200 black silicon bands.
Arizona Wildcats Wristband
The black Nike bands can be seen on the wrist of everyone from head coach Mike Stoops to study hall coordinators. Although it’s only a rubber wristband, it represents something much more, encompassing the family atmosphere that’s developed as a result of the trials and tribulations throughout the nightmare that was the end of the 2010 season.”
How would you say the University of Arizona’s season is shaping up? Are they living by their slogan?

“Stop Complaining!” Says Wristband

Well, it’s hard not to sometimes, but complaining has, well, got a group of people complaining. But, in a good way. One organization is trying to help us think about how much we complain by wearing a rubber wristband that says “A Complaint Free World.”
At the University of Texas-Pan American, students are sporting this bracelet to spread the word. According to the The Pan American Online : “During Bronc Camp this past summer, a group of incoming freshmen was treated to a presentation by the Office of the Dean of Students about A Complaint Free World.
A Complaint Free World Wristband
A Complaint Free World is a program started by Rev. Will Bowen in 2006 that wants people to wear their purple bracelets and when they catch themselves in a complaint to someone who can’t directly affect the problem, switch the bracelet to the other wrist. The idea is eventually people will stop deriding and griping and the world will be a better place…or something. The website puts it this way: “(Participants should) leave the toxic communication of complaining behind and experience an internal shift toward being more positive, hopeful and optimistic,”
Of course the people at A Complaint Free World are all very hopeful and optimistic that participants will shell out bucks for Bowen’s books, DVDs, packages of bracelets or coffee thermoses.
At the camp, people from the Office of the Dean of Students explained A Complaint Free World and handed out the violently violet rubber wristbands to those new Broncs in attendance. Part of the Office’s mission states that the aim is to, “actively engage students in enriching opportunities that augment students’ intellectual and personal growth, and prepare them to be positive role models in a dynamic society.”
What do you think? Would this help you stop complaining?

Golf Champion Sports Trion:Z

Yesterday, I reported an article that referenced Trion: Z as a new wave in wristband technology that has garnered the attention of champion athletes. Today, another report came out, showing champion golfers’ success while wearing the dual-loop silicone wristband .
According to , the Omega European Masters Champion wore Trion: Z during the victory: “Trion:Z, manufacturer of award winning magnetic and negative ion technology, announced today that the Omega European Masters Champion wore his preferred Trion:Z Dual Loop Wristband as he captured two titles within seven days.

The Golfing Veteran and European Masters Champion scorched the course with nine birdies and an eagle on the final round to shoot a remarkable 62. This was his third victory of the 2011 golfing season while wearing a Trion:Z magnetic and ionic wristband.
“According to Trion:Z CEO Toru Kamatari, “What a great victory! He played lights out to keep a very talented field including our very own staffer Rory McIlroy at bay to capture one of the most exclusive titles on the European Tour. The company is thrilled he supports our products and wore the Dual Loop Wristband to win again.”
Golfer Wearing Trion Z Rubber Wristband

The original Dual Loop wristband worn by the Danish Champion brings negative ions and twin 1,000 Gauss magnets together to form the most unique product of its kind. The Trion:Z fabric is made with “Mineon Fibers”, a unique textile with negative ion producing minerals woven into the fabric. They generate abundant levels of negative ions. To increase the penetration of the magnetic field, the 1,000 Gauss magnets are arranged in a distinctive Alternating North-South Polarity (ANSPO™). The Dual Loop wristbands are also available with collegiate logos and are offered in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.

The battle for the European Masters title included Trion:Z company representative and professional golf tour member Rory McIlroy. The US Open Champion sported his signature Trion:Z Tao Necklace and put the pressure on early in his final round. He birdied the first two holes to share the lead at 14-under but the European Masters Champion proved a worthy opponent and took advantage of every opportunity possible. McIlroy tied for third place.”
Is this just a placebo device? Or are people performing better because of chemistry in wristbands?

Bracelets for Improved Golf Game?

We try just about anything in golf to improve that score. Anything from new clubs and new shoes, to superstitious routines before swinging. But what about a wearing a rubber wristband to counteract positive ion backup in your body? Sound a bit too “sciency”? Well, ask the pros—it seems to be a growing trend in the PGA.
According to the Tuscon Citizen , athletes in many sports are starting to wear the TrionZ bracelets: “A growing number of athletes — from professional golfers to baseball players to Formula 1 drivers — swear by the healing powers of Trion:Z bracelets, wristbands and necklaces.
Flash Drive Wristband
In golf, more than 250 professionals from the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA tour and the Nationwide Tour have or are wearing one or more of the bracelets, wristbands and necklaces, including Rickie Fowler, U.S. Open winner Rory McIlroy, Ryo Ishikawa and Brittany Lincicome, who recently won the CN Canadian Women’s Open wearing the bracelet.
Technically, the bracelets and necklaces combine the power of minus ions and medical grade magnets to counteract the absorption of positive ion buildup caused by physical stress, UV rays and electronic equipment such as cellphones and computers. Excess positive ions are associated with muscle aches, joint aches and fatigue, and the magnets in the bracelets and necklaces are designed to restore the negative impact, including circulation problems, of the positive ion buildup.
The necklaces feature an artistic stainless steel pendant and is manufactured with high qualify stainless steel and feature 550 Gauss resin-coated rubber ferrite permanent magnets. The lengths available are Small (16.9?), Medium (18.5?) and Large (22?).”
What do you think? Is this a gimmick? Superstition? Or does it really make people better athletes?

Slogan Encourages Life Changes

You may have a mantra or motto taped to the mirror in your bathroom, or hung elegantly above your kitchen sink. We like reminders to tell ourselves to get back up, to run the extra mile, and so forth. An axiom that you may consider printing on your next rubber wristband is “Be Your Own Hero.” That is what news writer Rick Forgione has done.
According to the Niagara Gazette: “Be Your Own Hero.” That’s the message printed on a rubber bracelet I got from ChrisFit Personal Training.
Flash Drive Wristband

While some may just see it as a wrist accessory with a catchy slogan, I consider it my call to arms.

I’ve been working out at ChrisFit the past four months and I know everything I’ve accomplished would not have been possible without my trainer Chris Tybor. He’s given me the advice, instruction and support to help me reach my goals both inside and outside of the gym.

But at the end of the day, the responsibility and power to change my life has always been mine.

Whenever I’m struggling with an hour-long cardio session on the Elliptical or need to summon enough energy to push through one more bench press, I glance at that black-and-blue wristband to remind myself why I’m doing this.”
What’s the slogan you would put on your wristband?