Wristband Touted as Best Gadget

With all of the gadgets and gizmos of the 21st century, new electronics emerging seemingly every week, it is hard to believe that any tech-head would rate the best gadget of 2011 a rubber wristbands s . Well, that is what has happened.
Coming from News.com in Australia, here is the interesting report on how the decision was made: “RECENTLY I put together a list. Not a Christmas list—the top 10 gadgets of 2011.
Frankly, it was difficult. Not working-in-a-19th-century-coal-mine tough, maybe, but choosing-your-favourite-child tough.
While taking stock, I realised that the gadget that changed my life the most this year was sitting on my wrist.
The Jawbone Up, in case you’re not familiar with it, is a gadget that tracks your every move and then shows those moves on your phone.
I’ve been wearing this controversial band for just over a couple of weeks now and it’s ah-mazing but perhaps not for the reasons you think.
Jawbone Up Wristband
It knows when I’ve been sleeping. It knows when I’m awake…
The Jawbone Up was revealed back in July, forcing me to stare at a tragically empty online shopping cart until November. I was in the queue when Jawbone released its first Up wristbands online, however, ignoring the fact that only black models were available.
So what is the Up, really? It’s a rubber-covered, waterproof wristband that tracks your every move. Literally. It senses movement. When you walk, it acts like a fancy pedometer. When you sleep, it can tell if you’re tossing, turning or stealing the covers. A vibration motor also lets the Up wake you up with a wobbling alarm.
What would you rate as the best gadget of 2011?