Wristband Meets Wristwatch

If you have gotten into the wristband fads, you may be interested in the latest technology—a rubber wristbands packed with technology with a digital display that functions as a watch.
According to Geek Chic , it is quite a fashionable device: “This is a wristwatch but not as we know it. The Mutewatch is much more like a wearable gadget as it packs a lot of technology on to your arm.

It features a touch-sensitive display, vibrating alarms, a timer and a motion sensor that registers even subtle twists of the wrist.

Mutewatch Wristband Clock

Its clock face also glows with 100Hz LED lights that automatically brighten or dim to suit the environment.
But you might not guess it has all of this technology just by looking at it. In its natural form, the Mutewatch looks more like a wristband with a hip, industrial design.

Mutewatch began its life three years ago as an idea by Swedish economics student Mai-Li Hammargren, who considered adding a vibrating alarm to watches to improve time management and stop waking her boyfriend.