Forbes Names Wristband Best Gift Idea

As Christmas approaches, you may consider a techy gadget for someone on your list. But what about a rubber wristbands ? Perhaps, if you combine the two.
Forbes Magazine rated Jawbone’s Up as the #2 techy gift idea this holiday season, right after the Zeo Sleep Manager: “1) Tools for silent nights. The Zeo Sleep Manager, $99, is a Bluetooth headband and smartphone app to track sleep patterns and, ideally, inform diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes for achieving optimal REM and deep sleep. “Sleep less, feel better,” is the slogan of the $60 WakeMate, another mobile phone accessory with a wristband that wakes you in the morning at your optimal sleep cycle moment within a 20-minute window you select. The gadget can help assess how factors like caffeine and exercise affect sleep quality. (Note to shoppers: the product has been sold out of late, but WakeMate is working on producing more inventory.)

2) Monitor every dash, dance, and prance. For tracking activity, calories, and heart rate as well as sleep patterns, the FitBit and the UP by Jawbone, both $99, are wearable wireless tools. Use either one to chart data on an iPhone, share it with a social network, and parse results with a variety of downloadable apps. The FitBit clips to clothing, and the UP is a rubber wristbands . Pinging you to get up when you’ve been inactive for too long, wake at the most desirable time, and assess your energy level after meals, the UP, say its makers, “inspires you to move more, sleep better, and eat smarter.”

Jawbone Exploded Image
Cool as the UP is, however, recent quality problems have led to Jawbone pausing production, so you may want to give your loved one an I.O.U. until the product is relaunched. The Gruve Solution from MUVE Inc., uses an omnidirectional accelerometer to measure activity intensity and duration, track caloric burn, and remind the user to move. For $180, it comes with a 12-week online training program and a year’s subscription to the Gruve Network.”

Have you used one of these? Are they worth all the hype?