Google Finds Everything, From Wristbands to Security Codes

I still remember the first time I witnessed Google Earth in action. “Cool,” I said. Then, reflecting for a moment, “Creepy.” In what has become the norm in just 7 years, Google has transformed the way we think about information: we should be able to get anything we want within seconds. A recent article noted that with a few key search terms, you can find green rubber wristbands  across the world; you can also find secret security codes.
According to a report on PC Pro : “’d like to share with you the most amusing and interesting (if rather chilling) piece of security research to come across my desk in some while.
It came from the direction of the Hacker Intelligence Initiative (HII) at Imperva.
It’s interesting, because it relates to the way search engines are being used by hackers these days; amusing, thanks to its schoolboy-silly naming conventions; chilling, given just how successful the techniques it exposes have become in executing attacks.

Green rubber wristbands

Let’s start with Google, which not only knows where to find green rubber wristbands  in Halifax (probably best you don’t ask), but also how to locate potentially vulnerable servers and sites.

It’s been something of an open secret within the search, security and hacking communities for years now that you can enter specifically crafted search queries into Google and it will quickly spit out some very revealing information, which people really shouldn’t have left lying around for the Google spider to crawl all over and index.”